2000 Washington Avenue

The history of this house is a mystery:

  • The massing (horizontal with a low hip roof) is in the Ranch style, popular from the 1950s into the late 20th century.
  • But city directories show that residents have lived at this address since Washington Avenue houses were first listed in 1932.
  • Does this house date from that era, but drastically modified? Or was an earlier house demolished and this one built or moved in?
  • The current exterior materials date neither from the 1930s nor from the Ranch house era, suggesting a major renovation sometime after  the year 2000.


One-story house in the Ranch style, wood-frame under a hip roof. It sits at a slight angle on a corner lot, not parallel to the street. All visible surfaces — aluminum or vinyl siding, matching window units, etc — look to be recent, probably after the year 2000.

Building permits

none found

First appeared in city directory

1986? – Mrs. Jessie Anthony

The 1930s and 1940s entries are likely for a previous house on this site.

1931 – street listed but no addresses.

1932 – James Belton & Julia. He: Farmer. (Also James C. at same address. With Belton & Wilson Barbers at 214 S. Church).

1933 – James Belton. 1936 – James Belton. 1939 – George Goodwin.

1945-46 & also 1956 – Mrs. Maggie Jackson (renter).

1961 – Jack Miller & Alma (renter). Blanket Maker, Leaksville, Leaksville Woolen Mills. She Maid, Presby Hospital.

1982 – Shirley Ann White