2001 Patton Avenue

There is currently no house numbered 2001 Patton Avenue, nor is there a vacant lot corresponding with that number. It would logically sit at the corner of Patton Avenue and Condon Avenue; there IS a house on that spot, numbered 815 Condon Avenue. The form of that house does not match the building permit for 2001 Patton (see below), and indeed there is an extant permit for construction of 815 Condon. It is likely that the permit was taken out to construct 2001 Patton in 1961 but then construction did not take place.


Building permit(s):
Date issued: March 16, 1961
Owner: Earl L. Avant
Contractor: Young & Shinn
Estimated cost: $13,000
Other permit info: owner lives at 2020 Washington Ave.

Building permit files, Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.