1927 Washington Avenue

This modest wooden cottage was first listed in the 1942 city directory but may date earlier. It is one of about half a dozen houses still standing from the early days of McCrorey Heights, pre-dating the neighborhood’s post-World War II heyday.

From 1942 into the early 1950s it was home to Edward T. Nelson, a chauffeur, and his wife Arphesia. In the late 1950s Rev. Columbus Crawford lived here, pastor at the small Church of God located a short walk away across Beatties Ford Road at 2229 Booker Avenue in Washington Heights.



Simple one-story wood-frame house with a gable roof and wide hip-roofed front porch. The massing suggests that it may date from the Bungalow era of the 1920s.  Its “wrought iron” porch columns and aluminum siding are not original.

Building permits

none found

First appeared in city directory

1941 – not listed. 1942 – Edward T. Nelson & Arphesia.
He: Chauffeur
She: No occupation listed.

1945 – 46 & also 1950 – Edward T. Nelson (renter).
In late 50s Rev. Columbus Crawford, Pastor Church of God at 2229 Booker Av.
1961 – Thomas Jones (renter) & Alma L. He: Laborer, Duke Power. She: No occupation listed.