1704 Van Buren Avenue

Built about 1960 and first occupied by Rose M. Jones, the widow of Barnabas Jones. Mrs. Jones worked during the 1950s – 1980s as one of the public health nurses with the Charlotte Health Department.



Ranch style house, one-story tall in red brick.  There is a main gable-roofed block with a small projecting front gable, trimmed in clapboards, which shelters the front entrance and the double window of the living room. Stone trim surrounds the living room window.

Note that dwellings exist only on this north side of Van Buren Avenue. Houses on the south side were demolished or moved about 1968 to allow construction of the Northwest (Brookshire) Freeway. Today the Freeway’s tree-covered embankment rises above the Avenue.

Building permits

No building permits found.


First appeared in city directory

1961 – Mrs. Rose M. Jones. Widow of Barnabas.  Nurse, City Health Dept.

1981 – Mrs. Rose M. Jones. Nurse, County of Mecklenburg.



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