1911 Washington Avenue

Built 1958 – 1959 for Emma L. Crawford. Though she did not live here until much later, she evidently maintained it as rental dwelling, since she and Sadie Crawford took out a permit to enclose a porch and add a bath in 1970.

First occupant was David Nelums in 1959; the city directory listed no occupation for him that year, but in 1961 listed him as “yardman.” His wife Elizabeth was listed as maid at the Carolina Theater in 1959.

In a later directory consulted at random, for 1981, “Emma L. Crawford, retired,” is listed here at 1911 Washington Avenue. An obituary in the Charlotte Observer indicated that Emma Love Crawford died on June 27, 2006 at age 87: “Mrs. Crawford was retired from the V.A. Hospital in Salisbury as a Registered Nurse.”



Ranch, one-story in red brick. The main gable roof gives a strong horizontal emphasis. A shallow front hip roof extends to shelter the front door and also the horizontal row of windows in the living room. All front windows are nearly square, rather than vertical as with older houses, and they are flanked by false shutters (which appear to be original to the house), adding to the dwelling’s horizontality. The main roof extends at the east side to create a one-vehicle carport.

It is one of several houses in the neighborhood constructed by Marsh Realty, one of the city’s busiest post-WWII suburban homebuilders.

Building permits

Date issued: June 4, 1958
Owner: Emma L. Crawford
Contractor: Marsh Realty
Estimated cost:
Other permit info: Build residence

Date issued: September 24, 1958, July 16, 1958, September 17, 1958
Owner: Marsh Realty Co.
Estimated cost:
Other permit info:

Date issued: August 31, 1970
Owner: Emma and Sadie Crawford
Contractor: Boyles Construction Co.
Estimated cost: $4,000
Other permit info: Enclosed porch and add bath

First appeared in city directory

1959 – David Nelums. He: No occupation listed. She: Maid, Carolina Theater.

1961 – David Nelums & Elizabeth. He: Yardman. She: No occupation listed.

1981 – Emma L. Crawford, retired.

First appeared in city directory

Emma L. Crawford, obituary in the Charlotte Observer, July 2, 2006. On-line at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/charlotte/obituary.aspx?pid=18303984