1900 Patton Avenue

Ruth E. Blake, a teacher at Charlotte’s Myers Street School, took out a permit to construct this residence for herself in 1952. The address first appeared in the city directory in 1955, listing Blake as living alone in the house. A later city directory consulted at random, for 1961, showed her married to James P. Dixon, a sign painter.



One-story Cottage style house in red brick. It has a main gable roof, a large front gable, and a smaller gable over the front porch. The prominent chimney next to the front door is characteristic of Cottage style dwellings, promising a cheery, welcoming hearth within. Metal awnings shade the front windows and front door — a popular feature added by several McCrorey Heights homeowners in the 1950s and 1960s.  The house is located at the corner of Mulberry Avenue facing Patton Avenue.

Building permits

Date issued: May 27, 1952
Owner: Ruth Blake
Contractor: W. B. Presson

Building permit files, Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

First appeared in city directory

1955 – Ruth E. Blake. Teacher, Myers Street School

1961 – James P. Dixon & Ruth B.
He: Sign painter. She: Teacher, Myers Street School

1981 – W.R. Little. Teacher, CMS

City directory collection, Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.