1713 Patton Avenue

Edward D. White and his wife Lula D. White took out the permit to build this house in 1955.  They co-owned White Coal & Fuel Oil, 400 S. Myers Street in Charlotte’s black Brooklyn neighborhood. In an era when few African Americans owned their own businesses, the Whites were notable entrepreneurs. Coal and fuel oil were the two most common sources of heat in Charlotte’s less well-to-do neighborhoods during the mid twentieth century.

By 1981 this was the home of Mary Agnes Roseborough (   – 2.1.1993), one of McCrorey Heights’ most beloved informal caregivers. “‘Aunt Shuggie,’ as she was fondly called, was a lover of people and found great joy in reaching out to them in many different ways,” read the obituary in her funeral program. She had been born in Chester, S.C., but lived in Charlotte most of her life. At Grier Heights Presbyterian church she served as “Elder, member of Presbyterian Women, Adult Sunday Church School and and as a Choir member…. She adopted a child through the Save the Children Fund in Ghana, was director of a day care that operated out of her home, and served as a nurse’s assistant at Wesleyan Nursing Home…. She provided care for many homebound and shut-in persons….

“Having been reared in a Christian home, she found it easy to be a Care Giver for family and friends. In her community it was she who led the way for the collection of money for flowers, food or clothing for those in need.”



Architecture: This one-story red brick dwelling has elements of both the Cottage and Ranch styles popular in McCrorey Heights during the 1950s. Ranch houses were long and low, while Cottage style homes had steeper roofs and often had prominent front gables. This house has a main gable roof and a large projecting front gable, both slightly less steep than Cottage style homes on this block. Ranch houses also often had large “picture” windows. This house has a big picture window next to the front door, and also two other large front windows both with metal frames. The use of metal-frame windows was a modernistic touch that was much in keeping with the “modern” flavor of Ranch style architecture. There is an unobtrusive rear addition sheathed in wooden clapboards, possibly an enclosed porch.

Building permit

Date issued: June 17, 1955
Owner: E. D. White
Contractor: J. C. Bayne
Other permit info: to build residence

Building permit files, Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

First appeared in city directory

1959 – Edward D. White & Lula D.
Both at White Coal & Fuel Oil, 400 S. Myers.

1981 – Mary A. Roseborough. Empl, Meck County

City directory collection, Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.


Roseborough,_Mary, funeral program in the Obituary Project notebooks, African American Genealogy Interest Group collection, Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.