1712 Washington Avenue

Built in 1952-53 and first occupied by Charles B. Maxwell and his wife Evelynne. The 1953 city directory listed him as a Mail Clerk at the Johnston textile mill in what is now NoDa, while she taught at Biddleville Elementary School, a short walk from her home.

An internet search turned up a mention of Evelynne in the March 11, 1961 Pittsburgh Courier. The brief note reported that Marguerite Belefonte, ex-wife of celebrated singer and Civil Rights activist Harry Belefonte, would be visiting Charlotte to take part in a fashion show benefiting the NAACP — “with the fashion commentary being done by Mrs. Evelynne Maxwell.”

When Evelynne Hill Maxwell passed away in 1964, she was Principal at Amay James Elementary School off Charlotte’s West Boulevard. Her obituary in the Pittsburgh Courier, a national African American newspaper that often carried items from Charlotte, noted that she was “active in the social, professional and religious life of Charlotte.” She had served as president of several organizations: Charlotte City Teachers Association, the McCrorey Heights-based Moles social club, and Charlotte’s Lamba Omega chapter of AKA Sorority; she was also a member of First Baptist Church (today First Baptist West, located in McCrorey Heights).

Charles B. Maxwell’s sister Margaret Maxwell Payne, wife of prominent brick mason Shade Payne, also lived in McCrorey Heights, less than a block away at 1801 Washington Avenue.



Cottage style dwelling, one story tall in red brick. There is a main gable roof with a small west extension that forms a side porch. The front of the house is dominated by a secondary gable and a prominent exterior chimney which is flanked by two quarter-round attic windows. A smaller gable marks the front entrance, where a metal canopy supported by “wrought iron” columns shelters the small front stoop.

Building permits

Date: June 8, 1960
Owner: Charles B. Maxwell
Contractor: Robinson electric
Other info: Wiring – one outlet?

First appeared in city directory

1952 – under construction. 1953 – Charles B. Maxwell & Evelynne.
He: Mail Clerk, Johnston Mills. She: Teacher, Biddleville Elem. School


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